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The following users of our products have supplied the following testimonials, we are confident that Aloe Vera Cosmetics can achieve the same stunning results for you.

Eczema before and after shot

"My daughter's eczema was causing her much distress, nothing seemed to help her until I tried Aloe Vera Cosmetics Ezcema Less®. Within a few weeks it had cleared, I was totally amazed."
- Susan George, Blue Mountains NSW

“I recently discovered Aloe Vera Cosmetics Eczema Less cream whilst visiting the lifestyle stands at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The use of naturally sourced ingredients such as organic aloe vera and being free of chemicals, appealed to me. I have been truly amazed at how much my skin has improved, so much so that I am now going to try other products from the Aloe Vera Cosmetics Australia skin care range”.
- Kara Moore, Maroubra, NSW

"I have thick curly hair and had persistent problems with a dry flaky scalp. Using the Aloe Vera Cosmetics Gel as a shampoo has stopped the itching and flaking and the embarrassing dandruff that resulted."
- Jerry Cali, Auburn NSW

"I've used Aloe Vera for three years, not only for bites and burns but for skin eruptions. When my face breaks out, I wash it and put Aloe Vera on before I go to bed. Within a week my skin has cleared up. I also use the gel as a face mask for fantastic results."
- Geri Wilson, Orange NSW

"I had a big date planned and used a new brand of make-up that afternoon and had a horrible reaction to it. My face was blotchy and inflamed and I was panicking. I cleaned my face with Aloe Vera Soap and used the Gel as a face mask and it cleared up in no time - so I didn't have to cancel that night! Thank you Aloe Vera cosmetics you saved the day!"
- Nicci Marks, Greenacre NSW

"I used to be on medication to treat high blood pressure so I started to drink Aloe Vera Juice and within a short period of time my blood pressure was down to normal. If I don't take Aloe Vera it shoots back up to about 150/100"
- Bill Coats, Labrador, QLD

"I changed my diet and started drinking the Juice daily and my health turned around because I had the proper amino acid, carbohydrate and protein balance in my system. I recommend Aloe Vera Cosmetics Aloe Vera to everyone."
- Mary Wilson, North Sydney, NSW

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