Perfect for birthdays or special occasions!

We have packs to assist people with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, and those looking for effective natural skincare for themselves or a gift for someone else. 


Gift Pack

Price : $35.00

The perfect Valentine's Gift

Includes body balm, lip balm

and soap.


shampoo & conditioner

Price : $59.00

Suitable for all hair types.

For dry, itchy or sensitive scalp.

Mild and non-allergenic.


Eczema Treatment Pack

Price : $50.00

Eczema, psorisis & dermatitis prone skin

can be easily treated with this 2-step process

* Product sold without box


Acne Treatment Pack

Price : $98.00

No harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients

Acne prone skin can be easily treated

with this 3-step process.

* Product sold without box


Sensitive Skin Pack

Price : $75.00

Sensitive skin must be very carefully looked after

Cleanse and moisturise with natural products

* Product sold without box


Ageless Pack

Price : $135.00

Ageing is natural but so is anti-ageing with aloe!
Using anti-aging produces can help you do just
that for years to come but it’s better to use
ant-ageing products ‘before’you start noticing
signs of wrinkles.

Complete Face Pack

Price : $180.00

You live in your skin!

It’s important to take care of your skin everyday
to maintain a healthy, toned, radiant appearance.
Proper nutrition is also important in skincare as
the cells that make up your skin need the right
nutrients for proper development and growth.

Gift Pack

Price : $15.00

Gift Pack includes:

Aloe vera soap and lip balm.

Available in a variety of soap fragrances.


aloe vera soap pack (8)

Price : $29.00

Cleanses and moisturises

Free from sodium lauryl sulphate.

Available in a variety our fragrances.


Complete Eczema Treatment Pack

Price : $95.00

Eczema, psorisis & dermatitis prone skin

can be easily treated with this treatment pack

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